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What's the deal with wool?

When it comes to luxury carpet options wool products are always at the top of the list. In an age with ever improving synthetic fibers, manufacturing techniques, and specialized coatings to improve the quality and durability of carpets, it may seem odd that businesses like ours still point our customers to wool when they want the best. So, what makes wool the top choice for luxury carpet materials?

Wool is a natural option for luxury carpet
Wool is naturally resistant to soil and stains

There is a reason wool has been the material used in floor coverings for hundreds of years. Wool is naturally resistant to soiling and staining due to natural protective oils. Because of its natural spiral shape, wool maintains its memory over time and more easily hides dirt. This means you are less likely to see "traffic" spots along your carpet. Additionally, due to its high nitrogen and water content, wool is resistant to fire, adding to its safety value and durability.

Many customers are also appreciative of wool an an environmentally conscious and sustainable material. Wool carpets can last for many years if properly cared for. It is not an exaggeration to encounter 20-30 year old wool rugs that are still in amazing shape. So, all that being said, are there any downsides?

The biggest barrier to choosing wool carpet is price. All the benefits listed above come at a cost. And, because wool is a natural material, it cannot be mass produced like synthetic fiber rugs. New Zealand wool is considered the best in the world, adding shipping and logistics costs to our customers here in the United States. And just because it is resistant to damage, wool is by no means indestructible. All carpets, including wool, must be cleaned regularly to reduce fiber damage. Liquids can stain when not properly removed and cleaned.

However, there is no doubt that for the customer able and willing to pay the higher price, wool is absolutely our most often recommended luxury carpet option. Properly installed, with the correct underlayment padding, wool has a look and feel that stands out from the rest. There are an amazing assortment of color and pattern options available to create both wall-to-wall and custom area rugs that will satisfy the discerning customer for years to come.

At J Brooks, we carry a large assortment of wool carpet options that we can fashion into the perfect custom rug for your home. Take a look at our products page or send us a message if you would like to find out more.

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